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Grew up in the Utica area and has been running the Boilermaker since high school. After struggling through his first marathon in 2010, spent the next year or so working towards a solid marathon at the 2013 Melbourne Music Marathon where he ran the last half nearly 4 minutes faster than the first, finishing second overall. After that he was hooked. Joined the Willow Street Masters team in the second half of 2016 which has propelled his competitive running to a new level. Hopes to stay healthy and enjoy a variety of racing distances on roads and trails.


Mile - 4:44 2017 Memorial Mile

5k - 15:52 2017 Kinderhook Bank OK 5k

10k - 33:59 2017 James Joyce Ramble 10k

15k - 51:24 2017 Boilermaker 15k

Half Marathon - 1:15:38 2019 Helderberg to Hudson Half Marathon 

Marathon - 2:39:07 2019 Hartford Marathon

50 mile - 6:59:39 2014 JFK 50 Mile