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Hi! I am a Emergecy Department Physician Assistant and advanced EMT and love running, triathlons, nordic skiing, mt biking, rock climbing, and pretty much all forms of outdoor fun! I joined Willow Street in early 2018 while studying to become a Physician Assistant in Albany, NY at Albany Medical College and the team is so fun, such a great group! I now live in Lake Placid, NY where I grew up and continue to be involved with the team.

1/2 marathon: 1:27:26; marathon: 3:22:40; Ironman 140.6: 11:15:09. 10K 39:37

Training Goals:

I hope to one day run a sub-3 hr marathon! Running is one of my favorite activities and I'm excited to see where my feet will take me in the future! I would love to run a 50 mile trail race someday, maybe even a 100 mile trail race, and see how far my legs will go!